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Astra XIII
Russian Empire airship Red Star


The 1908 non-rigid Astra-Torres (or Astra XIII), purchased by the Russian Empire, made some flights but was dismantled in 1915.
An attempt to revive aeronautics in the Russian Empire was made in 1920. Analysis of the legacy of the Russian Empire equipment and parts of old airships showed that at best hull at the time was the airship "Astra-Torres", and it was decided to work on its recovery.
Following the production of individual suspension parts, the latest in autumn 1920 in the village of Salizi (near Petrograd), an aeronautic squad began to work on the assembly airship renamed "Red Star". This work is finished in the middle of November. On 23 November 1920 the airship envelope filled with gas, and on January 3, 1921 it performed the first flight.
In total this airship performed 6 flights, the total duration of which was about 16 hours.
Volume: 10,000 cu.m
Length: 78 m
Diameter: 15 m
Engines: 2 x 197 hp



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