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U.S. Army Airship Service C-6
U.S. Army Airship Service C-6 motorized observation balloon at Scott Field, late 1930s. The suspended engine-equipped crew car, not the entire balloon, was made by St. Louis Aircraft

As Congress refused to authorize expenditures for Army airships but did allow funding of observation balloons the army resurrected the "Motorized Observation Balloon" concept abandoned a decade before. The "Motorized Observation Balloon" continued in use for several more years. There were even new 'pony blimps' constructed. These were the five C-6, seven C-8 and four C-9 class airships. Two of the TE-3 class were re-designated C-7s. The last US Army airships were the two C-7s which were turned over to the USN in 1943.
Following World War II, the War Assets Administration put up for sale sixteen Motorized Observation Balloons of the C-6, 8 & 9 classes. One was briefly operated by the Douglas Leigh Sky Advertising Company between 1948 and 1950, the C-6-36-11 made its last flight on 14 June 1950.

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