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Ultramagic Balloons The Duo



The excitement and fun of flying free under a balloon in your own separate securely fastened seat and harness for two. Following The Solo, after a long period of development and testing, Ultramagic announced the “ultimate flying machine for two” - The Duo.

Designed again with special attention to safety, security and comfort, The Duo gives you everything that you have come to expect from an Ultramagic balloon but with all the benefits of an exciting simple to operate light weight two person system.
The Duo pilot support system is constructed from an aircraft quality stainless steel frame. Designed for secure attachment of cylinders whilst maintaining easy removal for transportation or refuelling, and allows the installation of either 20kg or 30kg standard cylinders.

Fitted with two separate comfortable adjustable padded seats, footrests and a comfortable headrest, the Duo is equipped with two easy to use three-point safety harnesses with a quick release buckle.

The main frame can be folded in half and the burner frame can be easily removed for transportation and storage. The burner frame offers full gimbal of the burner in both directions to assist with that windy inflation.
The Duo burner and fuel system has dual systems with:
Two separate fuel take offs with their own additional quick shut off valve at the burner.
Two main burner valves.
Two liquid fire valves.
Two pressure gauges.
Two liquid pilot lights each with its own piezo igniter system.

The Duo fuel system allows you to manage your fuel safely by having a separate mirror to view each fuel gauge. And if all of these special features are not enough you also have the option of having a hydraulic actuated valve fitted so that you can operate the burner without lifting your hand above your head at no extra charge.



The Duo is available with a choice of envelope sizes including the H42 and H56 and they come as standard in Ultralite fabric. This gives you the benefits of a high strength silicon elastomer coated fabric whilst keeping the weight down to the minimum. All Duo envelopes come with rotation vents for ease of landing whilst keeping the control lines free at all times for easy access and operation.



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