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Ultramagic Balloons N series



A large size series with 28 gores, especially created for passenger ride operators whilst at the same time providing an excellent background for artwork. These envelopes are designed and rigged to go with ergonomically designed partitioned baskets allowing optimum viewing for passengers whilst housing the fuel cylinders separately in the pilot compartment. The perfect choice for passengers flights.

28 vertical load tapes, Full 1.5m height Nomex base, choice of 22 standard colours. Ultralast fabric to parachute and top panel as standard. Rotation vents and fast deflation system (FDS) as standard.
Optional: Ultralast fabric, special colours, clear windows, Velcro for banners. Skirt, scoop.

Type Certificate: BA.014
Issued by: European Aviation Safety Agency


Volume: 5.100 cu.m / 180.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 22,5 m
Height: 23 m
Persons: 9


Volume: 6.000 cu.m / 210.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 23,8 m
Height: 24,3 m
Persons: 11


Volume: 7.000 cu.m / 250.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 24,9 m
Height: 25,5 m
Persons: 13


Volume: 8.500 cu.m / 300.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 26,6 m
Height: 27,2 m
Persons: 17


Volume: 10.000 cu.m / 355.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 27,5 m
Height: 29 m
Persons: 20


Volume: 12.000 cu.m / 425.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 29,5 m
Height: 31,2 m
Persons: 24


Volume: 14.400 cu.m / 500.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 31,1 m
Height: 32,2 m
Persons: 27



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