Ultramagic Balloons H Series



Basis for the "Magic Pack", the fast delivery complete balloon offer. This slightly bulbous 12 gore envelope is designed and manufactured for maximum safety yet it is lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. It makes it ideal for competition or weekend flying.

12 vertical load tapes, Full 1.5m height Nomex base, choice of 22 standard colours. Ultralast fabric to parachute and top panel as standard. Deflation system: parachute.

Optional: rotation vents, extra Ultralast fabric, special colours, clear windows, Velcro for banners. Skirt or scoop.

Rugged yet lightweight, this series is ideal for general sport ballooning, training and syndicate use.

Type Certificate: BA.014
Issued by: European Aviation Safety Agency


Volume: 900 cu.m / 31.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 12,8 m
Height: 12,4 m
Persons: 1


Volume: 1.200 cu.m / 42.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 13,8 m
Height: 17,3 m
Persons: 1


Volume: 1.600 cu.m / 56.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 15,5 m
Height: 15,1 m
Persons: 2


Volume: 1.850 cu.m / 65.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 16,3 m
Height: 16,0 m
Persons: 2 / 3


Volume: 2.200 cu.m / 77.000 cu.ft
Diameter: 17,3 m
Height: 17,0 m
Persons: 3 / 4