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Thunder and Colt AS56 Blimp



The circa 1885 Thunder and Colt Pressurized Thermal Airship instead of using helium for lift, uses low pressure (3 psi) hot air to provide static lift. The hot air is supplied by a hot air balloon burner located above the pilot's head inside the hull. Directly beneath the burner is a modified 2 stroke engine that drives a small fan that provides constant pressure in order to provide rigidity to the hull. Behind the pilot is a 24 horsepower 3-cylinder 2 stroke German Konig radial engine that swings a 52" pusher propeller


A Certified Aircraft
The pilot climbs by raising the temperature inside the hull. He descends by allowing it to cool. There is a small amount (20%) of dynamic lift that increases with speed. Rudder only.  
Top speed: 23 mph / 20 kt
Cruise: 15 mph
Useful Load: 250 lb
Endurance w/res: 1.5 hr
Seats: 1



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