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Zodiac Spiess XIII

The French military authorities were able to examine the German ZIV and accumulated data was passed to the Zodiac company where the information was utilised by them in the Spiess wooden-framed rigid they were then building.
The Spiess-Zodiac No.XIII was already far advanced in its construction at this time but was now modified, to an extant, in light of the new information. It was lengthened for instance. Being of wooden construction it could have benefited little from the technological windfall obtained from the aluminium-framed ZIV.
The Spiess dirigible was completed fithin six months, flying in late 1913 and immediately entering army service.
Engines: 2 x Chenu AE 6, 210 hp
Capacity: 580,000 cu.ft / 16450 cu.m
Length: 460 ft / 140.0 m
Width: 44 ft 6 in / 13.5 m
Height: 61 ft 6 in
Gross lift: 16.9 tons
Useful lift: 1.2 tons
Max speed: 42 mph / 38 kt / 70 km/h
Range at cruise: 975 miles
Ceiling: 4000 ft
Crew: 8

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