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Schweizer SGS 1-34



The SGS 1-34 high-performance single-seat sailplane was designed by Ernest Schweizer to meet Standard Class specifications and is stressed to +8.33Gs and -5.33 Gs. Design work started in 1967 and construction of the prototype began the following year.
The all-metal aluminum cantilever shoulder wings were the shoulder type with a Wortmarm FX-61-163 at the root and Wortmann FX-60-126 at the tip. The 1-34 has differential ailerons and no flaps are fitted. The SGS 1-34B features double flap speed-limiting airbrakes and an optional retractable nosewheel. The fuselage is an aluminium alloy semi-monocoque structure, and the cantilever aluminium alloy tail unit has a swept back fin and rudder, and a fixed incidence tailplane with no trim tabs. The standard nonretractable nosewheel is fitted with a Cleveland brake and is balanced by a forward skid and tailwheel.
Suitable for the low time pilot. It featured in-flight adjustable rudder pedals and a two-way adjustable seat. The pilot sits under a large one-piece canopy.Originally offered only with a fixed gear, a retractable version was added.
First flying in April 1969, the 1-34 receiving FAA Type Certification in September of that year.
By January 1978 a total of 93 production 1-34s had been completed, the 51st and subsequent aircraft being the 1-34A variant with a smoother wing upper surface through the use of bonded corrugations on the underside of the top skin. This was followed by the SGS 1-34B.
At least one example has been substantially modified when a storm damaged 1-34 was rebuilt by Bob Park with a V-tail and provision for 105 kg / 230 lb of water ballast in the wings.

Wing span: 15m / 42 ft 2 in
Wing area: 14.03sq.m / 151sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 16
Airfoil: Wortmann FX 61-163
Length: 25 ft 9 in.
Empty Weight: 250kg / 550lb
Payload: 131kg / 290lb
Gross Weight: 381kg / 840lb
Wing Load: 27.15kg/sq.m / 5.56lb/sq.ft
Max speed: 123 kt
Rough air speed: 115 kt
Stall: 31 kt
L/DMax: 34 @ 88 kph / 48 kt / 55 mph
MinSink: 0.64 m/s / 2.1 fps / 1.24 kt @ 43 kt
Seats: 1
No. Built: 93


SGS 1-34B
Span: 49 ft 2.5 in
Length: 25 ft 9 in
Height: 7 ft 6 in
Wing area: 151.0 sqft
Aspect ratio: 16.04
Empty weight: 550 lb
Max weight: 800 lb
Max speed: 135 mph (in smooth air)
Max aero-tow speed: 115 mph
Min sinking speed: 2.1 ft/sec at 46 mph
Best glide ratio: 34:1 at 52 mph







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