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Schleicher ASW-28


Designed by Gerhard Waibel and built in Poppenhausen, Germany, the Schleicher ASW 28 is a Standard Class glider with a laminar wing profile for "turbulent" conditions. By using carbonfibre and Aramid along with a new Polyethylene fibre, joining a high strength with low weight, Schleicher tries to achieve an empty weight of only 325 kg, and a wing loading of only 30 kg/sq.m. Four integrated tanks for a maximum water ballast of 180 liters keep the spectrum at a 50 kg/sq.m wing loading open.




The ASW 24 derived fuselage is designed to be fitted with a rescue system. The ASW 28 features a new profile from Professor Loek Boermans, which is supposed to give the new glider a top performance and excellent handling characteristics in turbulent air.




L/DMax: 45
MinSink: 0.55 m/s / 1.86 fps / 1.00 kt
Seats: 1
Wing span: 15 m / 49.2 ft
Wing area: 10.5 sq.m / 113 sq.ft
Empty Weight: 235 kg / 510 lb
Gross Weight: 525 kg / 1202 lb
Wing Load: 50 kg/sq.m / 10.24 lb/sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 21.43
Airfoil: Boermans DU 99-146MOD



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