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Schleicher ASW-22-2 / ASH 25


Designed by Martin Heide, the tandem two-seat Schleicher ASH25 featured the longest wingspan of any production glider (25 metres). First flown in 1986, the ASH25 first went into production in that year. Construction is all carbon fibre and the sailplane can sustain a glide angle of 1:58. The design was specifically aimed at producing a two-seat glider with single-seat perform-ance and utilises the wing of the ASW22B married to a new fuselage of carbon/ aramid fiber reinforced plastic.

Within a couple of years the ASH25 had set five world speed records for triangular courses varying from 330 km / 205.1 miles to 1,380 km / 857.0 miles. Hans Werner Grosse of Germany has set 12 world records in all flying an ASH-25.

The ASH-25 is the production version of the one-off two-place ASW-22-2 using a fuselage adapted from the Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-31.

The ASH-25E is powered by a retractable 19 kW/ 25 bhp Rotax 275 sustainer engine.


A flight test evaluation by Dick Johnson measured a best L/D of 54.3 : 1 without turbulator tape or special sealing. An ASH-25 flown by G. Herbaud and J-N. Herbaud of France both won the world multiplace straight distance and goal distance records of 1,383 km./ 859.3 miles in the same flight in 1992.

Engine: 19 kW (25 bhp) Rotax 275
Wing span: 25m / 82ft
Wing area: 16.31sq.m / 175.6sq.ft
Empty Weight: 480kg / 1058lb
Payload: 270kg / 595lb
Gross Weight: 750kg / 1653lb
Wing Load: 45.98kg/sq.m / 9.41lb/sq.ft
L/DMax: 57 108 kph / 58 kt / 67 mph
MinSink: 0.45 m/s / 1.48 fps / 0.88 kt
Water Ballast: 225kg / 496lb
Aspect ratio: 38.3
Airfoil: HQ 17
Seats: 2



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