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Schleicher AS-K 16

The AS-K 16 is a side-by-side two-seater motor glider, with dual controls. The type is of mixed construction with a welded steel tube fuselage covered in fabric, plywood and glassfibre. The cantilever single-spar low-set wooden wings are fabric-covered with glassfibre tips and spoilers in the upper surfaces. The tail unit is of wooden construction with fabric covering, with combined trim and anti-balance tabs in the port elevator. The AS-K 16 has main wheels retracting inwards into the bottom of the fuselage, and a fixed tailwheel; the main wheels have rubber shock absorbers and Tost drum brakes. The pilots sit under a one-piece blown canopy that hinges sideways to open. Powerplant is a 72hp Limbach SL 1700EB1 modified Volkswagen 'flat four' engine driving a Hoffman HO-V 62 two blade variable-pitch propeller.
It first flew in prototype form on 2 February 1971 and first appeared in public at the second German Motor Glider Competition at Burg Feuerstein in June that year, but it did not compete.
An AS-K 16 flown by Hans Werner Grosse and Ing R. Kaiser took third place in the First International Motor Glider Competition in 1974.
By January 1976 38 AS-K 16s had been built, but it is now out of production.
Engine: VW Limbach, 75 hp
Wingspan 49 ft 2 in
Length 21 ft 10 in
Gross 1,540 lb
Empty 1,010 lb
Useful 530 lb
Fuel 60 lb
Wing loading 7.1 lbs/sq ft
Wing aspect ratio 17.1
Max airspeed 110 kt
Rough‑air speed 110 kt
Stall 40 kt
Lift to drag 25 at 50 kt
Sink 3 fps at 45 kt
Length 24 ft
Wingspan 53 ft
Seats 2
Span: 52 ft 6 in
Length: 24 ft 0.25 in
Height: 6 ft 10.75 in
Wing area: 204.5 sq ft
Aspect ratio: 13.5
Empty weight: 1,036 lb
Max weight: 1,543 lb
Max speed: 124 mph
Min sinking speed: 3.28 ft/sec at 46 mph
Best glide ratio: 25:1 at 58.5 mph
Take-off run: 755 ft
Range: 310 miles

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