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Schleicher ASK-13
Jubi ASK-13



This tandem two-seater training and high performance glider was developed from the earlier Ka 7, likewise designed by Rudolf Kaiser, and has similar swept forward single-spar wooden wings in the mid-set instead of high position, this lowering of the wings allowing a larger one-piece blown Mecaplex canopy, hinged to starboard, to be fitted giving better all-round visibility; other improvements over the Ka 7 include more comfortable seating, while the AS-K 13 has a better performance than the Ka 7.


There are metal Schempp-Hirth air brakes above and below the wing, and the wooden ailerons are fabric-covered. The wings have a forward sweep of 6° at the quarter-chord line and 5° of dihedral; the D-type leading edge torsion box is of plywood and the whole wing is fabric-covered. The fuselage is a welded steel tube structure with spruce stringers and fabric-covered overall, except for the nose, which is of glassfibre; the turtle decking aft of the cockpit canopy is a plywood shell. The cantilever wooden tail unit is plywood-covered, except for the rear part of the rudder and elevators, which are fabric-covered, and there is a Flettner trim tab in the starboard elevator. In later models, a nosewheel was substituted for the skid. Landing gear consists of a non-retractable sprung monowheel with a drum brake, mounted aft of the cg, with a skid under the forward fuselage and a steel tailskid. The pilots have glassfibre seat panels for greater comfort, and adjustable rudder pedals; there is provision for radio and oxygen, and an aero-tow release is fitted in the nose.
It first flew in prototype form in July 1966 and by January 1978 a total of approximately 700 AS-K 13s had been built, with production continuing. The type is also sold in kit form for amateur constructors.
After Schleicher ceased production, the sailplane has been license-built by Jubi GmbH of Oerlinghausen, Germany.
Wing span: 16 m / 52 ft 6 in
Wing area: 17.5 sq.m / 188.4 sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 14.6
Airfoil: Gottingen Go 535/ 549
Length: 8.18 m / 26 ft 9.5 in
Height: 1.6m / 5 ft 3 in
Empty Weight: 290 kg / 639 lb
Payload: 190 kg / 418 lb
Gross Weight: 480 kg / 1057 lb
Water ballast: None
Wing Load: 27.43 kg/sq.m / 5.61 lb/sq.ft
L/DMax: 27 at 90 kph / 49 kt / 56 mph
MinSink: 0.81 m/s / 2.65 fps / 1.57 kt at 43.5 mph / 35 kt / 64 km/h
Max speed: 124 mph / 108 kt / 200 km/h (in smooth air)
Stalling speed: 33 kt / 61 km/h
Max aero-tow speed: 87 mph / 76 kt / 140 km/h
Seats: 2










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