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Schleicher KA4 Rhonlerche

KA4 Rhonlerche II

Designed by Rudolf Kaiser, the Rhonlerche is a small, strut-braced, 2-seat trainer which first flew in 1955. It features a steel-tube, fabric-covered fuselage, a wooden fabric-covered wing with top-surface spoilers, a fixed wheel and nose skid, and tandem seating.

The type’s comparatively steep glide slope of 19:1 combined with relatively ineffective airbrakes and very restricted visibility from the back seat seem mediocre compared to modern sailplanes.


Schleicher Ka-4 Rhonlerche II C/N 3022A ZK-GKE




Ka-4 Rhonlerche
Wing span: 13m / 42.6ft
Wing area: 16.35sq.m / 176sq.ft
Length : 23.95 ft / 7.3 m
Empty Weight: 210kg / 460lb
Payload: 200kg / 440lb
Gross Weight: 410kg / 900lb
L/DMax: 19 79 kph / 43 kt / 49 mph
MinSink: 1.0 m/s / 3.3fps / 1.96 kt
Max. speed: 92 kt / 170 km/h
Wing Load: 25.08kg/sq.m / 5.1lb/sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 10.3
Airfoil: Go 553
Seats: 2

Schleicher KA 4 Rhönlerche




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