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Rolladen-Schneider LS 6


Designed by Wolf Lemke, the 15 m racing class LS-6 first flew in 1983. The flaps are linked to the ailerons. Approach control is by top surface Schempp-Hirth airbrakes. Forty were built.

The type became popular with competition pilots — the first two places being won in the 1985 World Gliding Championships at Rieti, Italy; the first three places in the 1987 Worlds in Benalla, Australia; and the first four places (using later B and C models) at Uvalde in Texas in 1991.

The LS-6a and -6b models had an optional 5 kg / 12 lb fin ballast tank.

At the 1991 World Championships at Uvalde, TX, the first four places were taken by LS-6b’s and LS-6c’s.

The LS-6 comes with tip extensions increasing the span to 17.5 m. (LS- 6c/ 17.5) and 18.0 m. (LS-6c/18.0 m.)

Structure: composite/ CFRP mainspar/ Kevlar

Span: 15 m / 49.2 ft
Area: 10.5 sq.m / 113 sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 21.4
Airfoil: Wortmann mod.
Empty Weight: 250 kg / 551 lb
Payload: 275 kg / 606 lb
Gross Weight: 525 kg / 1157 lb
Wing Load: 50 kg/sq.m / 10.25 lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 180 kg / 397 lb
L/DMax: 40
Seats: 1



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