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PZL Bielsko SZD-25 Lis



The SZD-25 high performance single-seater combines the wings of the SZD-22 Mucha Standard with a metal fuselage developed from that of the SZD-16 Gil prototype. Designed for large scale production, with low manufacturing and maintenance costs, the Lis (or Fox) made its first flight as a prototype on 5 March 1960, and production aircraft began to enter service with the Polish gliding clubs early in 1962; not a great many were built, but several were exported.
Slotted ailerons are fitted, instead of the SZD-22's Frise-type ones, and these are aerodynamically and mass balanced, and air brakes are also fitted. The all-metal fuselage is built in two portions: the welded steel tube forward part with fabric covering and the tail boom of riveted sheet duralumin, the cantilever all-wood tail unit being
fabric-covered. Landing gear consists of a semi-retractable sprung monowheel with brake and a rubber-mounted nose skid. The pilot sits under a sideways-hinging canopy.
Some 30 were built.
PZL Bielsko / SZD 25 A Lis
Wingspan: 49 ft 2 in / 15.0 m
Wing area:137.24 sqft
Aspect ratio:17.65
Length: 23 ft 0 in / 7.0 m
Height: 5 ft 0 in / 1.5 m
Empty weight:452 lb
Max take off weight: 751.9 lb / 341.0 kg
Max. speed: 124 kts / 230 km/h / 143 mph (in smooth air)
Min sinking speed:2.5 ft/sec at 43 mph
Glide ratio: 27.0 at 47 mph
Crew: 1




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