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PZL Bielsko SZD-12 Mucha Sto

Mucha Standard


The IS-2 Mucha had a single-spar high wing with an aspect ratio of 15, and was fitted with dive brakes and spoilers; the fuselage was of elliptical cross-section. The Mucha-ter was developed into the SZD-12 Mucha 100 of 1953, this single-seater being used for training. It was of all-wood construction, the cantilever high wings having a single main spar and an oblique auxiliary spar, with a plywood-covered leading edge torsion box; air brakes were fitted and the ailerons were aerodynamically and mass balanced. The oval-section fuselage was plywood-covered and the pilot sat under a one piece Plexiglas canopy. Landing gear consisted of a monowheel and short front and rear skids sprung with rudder pads.


PZL Bielsko / SZD 12 Mucha Sto (100)
Length: 22.966 ft / 7.0 m
Wingspan: 49.213 ft / 15.0 m
Aspect ratio: 15.0  
Wing area: 161.46 sq.ft / 15.0 sq.m
Max take off weight: 639.5 lb / 290.0 kg
Weight empty: 430.0 lb / 195.0 kg
Max. weight carried: 209.5 lb / 95.0 kg
Max. speed: 119 kts / 220 km/h
Landing speed: 30 kts / 55 km/h
Cruising speed: 38 kts / 70 km/h
Wing loading: 3.90 lb/sq.ft / 19.0 kg/sq.m
Glide ratio: 24.0
Crew: 1










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