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Aachen FVA 27


Work on the FVA27 (duck-glider) began in 1985. The FVA27 was built to determine if advantages of a canard for a glider can be achieved. According to calculations an improvement of 10% can be achieved in comparison airplane with identical main wing profile. Only the measurement by IDA-fly could show whether the theoretically determined advantages of the canard in a glider can be realized.

In a flight-scientific combination, students developed and built the Aachen FVA 27 glider. IDA-flies, the controlling body of the Akafliegs, wanted to set new accents in the standard class concerned with the building, testing and the measurement of gliders. This Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen project covered the development of the bases, the development and building of this airplane.



Main wingspan: 15.0m
Main wing area: 7.7sq.m
Canard span: 5.0m
Canard wing area: 1.8 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 29.2
Sweep: 10.0 degs
Dihedral: 1.0 degs
Main wing profile: HQ21-M2
Canard profile: FX63-137 mod
Vertical stabilizer Height: 1.5m
Vertical stabilizer Area: 0.7sq.m
Vertical stabilizer Profile: FX38-153
Fuselage length: 4.0m
Fuselage Surface Area: 0.7sq.m
Empty Weight: 250kg
Max. Weight: 450kg
Wing loading: 32-48kg/sq.m
Best lift/drag ratio: > 45 @ 122 km/h
Seats: 1
Min sinking: 0.62 m/s @ 94 km/h
Undercarriage: Nose/main landing gear retractable
Number built: 1

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