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Montgomery Glider

1911 glider


John J Montgomery, a science teacher at Santa Clara College, in California, experimented with gliders as early as 1883. Montgomery’s 1883 glider had a short, 23 foot wing span with a moveable horizontal tail. A keel-like bar (longeron) was suspended three feet below the wing longerons. The pilot ran to launch the ship by holding the upper bars, and once in flight he straddled the centre bar. He could then swing his body from side to side for lateral control and manipulate the horizontal elevator plane for lift. The craft is reported to have flown consistently well.
In 1905, Montgomery added a second, tandem wing to his basic design, and Daniel Maloney, a parachute jumper, made numerous exhibition flights with his plane, performing sharp turns and even barrel rolls. He also dropped from a balloon at 4000 feet and glided gentlyback to a stand-up landing at his take-off point. Later that year a wing was damaged in flight and Maloney dropped to his death.
Montgomery and his double-winged glider. Note both foot and hand operated controls
In 1911 Montgogery himself stalled a glider and was killed when his unhelmeted head struck part o the apparatus.

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