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Aachen FVA 3 Ente

Built under the direction of Wolfgang Klemperer, the FVA3 "Ente" was completed in 1922.  
The "Duck" canard had a thick cantilever wing clearly showed the affinity with "Schwatzer Düvel" and "Blue Mouse". Klemperer favoured the idea of the canard because of their good-natured stalling behavior. The FVA-3 was the first two seater, the seats for the pilots in the hull lower than in previous models, against the front spar.
The FVA-3 V-shaped wing consisted of a 2.2 m long central section and two of each lengths 4,7m, tapering outwards. The airfoil was variable. Approximately 4.3m in front of the main spar was a 3,9m high control wing, which was mounted on spherical points and served as both attitude and as a rudder. The height control was effected by stick, side control by foot pedal. The lateral pivoting of the control wing was supported. To achieve the aileron control are two l,2 m mounted on the wingtips, with a slot between them and the wings. Behind the wing is a solid fin.
It went on the third Rhöwettbewerb and was damaged. It as not restored because the construction was technically out of date.
Klemperer flew the FVA-3 initially and found an unfavorable load distribution, which prompted him after several test flights and balance changes to reduce the weight and change mass distribution.

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