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Maupin Carbon Dragon


Designed by Jim Maupin & Irv Culver, the Carbon Dragon first flew in 1988. Altrough meeting the FAI definition of a hang glider, the Carbon Dragon can be launched by foot, aerotow, or bungee. Roll control and approach control are by full span 30 % chord flaperons, and at least one has been modified by the addition of a pentagonal shaped spoiler in the wing section, similar to that on the Maupin Windrose. It has a fixed main wheel. It complies with U.S. FAA Part 103 rules. In 1994 it became the first sailplane in that class to win against conventional gliders in a scheduled, non-handicapped cross-country contest.
An ultralight sailplane, basic wood construction with use of carbon epoxy to reduce weight and improve stiffness. Was available as plans for $150. Price (1998) $ 170 (Plans)
Building time estimated at 1500 hours.



Weight: 65 kg / 145 lb
Gross Weight: 151kg / 335lb
Payload: 85kg / 190lb
Wing span: 13.2 m / 44 feet
Wing area: 14.25sq.m / 153.34sq.ft
Vne: 112 km / 70 mph
L/D: 25:1 at 32 mph
Stall: 20 mph
Min sink: 0.51 m/s / 100 fpm / 0.99 kt at 26 mph.
Seats: 1
Wing Load: 10.61 kg/sq.m / 2.18 lb/sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 12.62
Airfoil: Culver CD
Landing gear: single wheel



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