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Aachen FVA 2 Blaue Maus

Rhönwettbewerb 1921
Building of the FVA2 "Blue Maus" began in early summer of 1921, an optimized version of the "Schwatzen Düvels", built under the direction of Wolfgang Klemperer. Resembling its predecessor, but the pilot sat lower. By a 9,70 m span increase and around 8 kg reduced empty weight compared to the FVA-1, the wing loading of the FVA-2 was only 8.26 kg/m ².
On the second Rhön flight competition, Klemperer took the "Blue Mouse" to third prize with 1302 seconds flight time during 12 flights. These included a flight over 2580m distance in 4 minutes and 51 seconds and a flight over 2080 m distance in 5 minutes and 50 seconds.
On August 30, Klemperer left the first slopes of the water dome and flew 13 minutes to the gates of the city Gersfeld. At 4.6 km, it was a world record.
Three FVA-2 were built by Aachener Segelflugzeugbau GmbH (founded in 1922). A "Blue Mouse " was sold to England, a second was probably sold to the Fulda glider group.
The prototype of the "Blue Mouse", Klemperer's world record aircraft, crashed in 1922:
Klemperer wanted to again determine the glide of the "Blue Mouse" unaffected by the slope lift. He launched the glider from a balloon for a longer glide. On unlatching, the FVA-2 immediately entered a flat spin. Klemperer was unable to recover the aircraft.

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