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Let L-23 Super Blanik


The Super Blanik, which first flew in 1988, is a development of the L 13 Blanik, but without flaps.
1993 Let L-23 Super Blanik C/N 928006


It has a T-tail, DFS type airbrakes and a swiveling tail wheel. It retains the semi-retractable shock absorbed main wheel of the L 13. The cockpit canopy opens in two pieces, the front cockpit cover opening sideways and the rear moving up and back over the center fuselage. Wingtip extensions are optional, increasing the span to 18.2 m/ 59.7 ft, but aerobatics are only permitted when the extensions are not fitted.


1993 Let L-23 Super Blanik C/N 928006


Wing span: 16.2m / 53.1ft
Wing area: 19.15sq.m / 206.1sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 13.7
Empty Weight: 310kg / 683lb
Payload: 200kg / 441lb
Gross Weight: 510kg / 1124lb
Wing Load: 26.63kg/sq.m / 5.45lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 0
MinSink: 0.85 m/s / 2.8 fps / 1.66 kt
L/DMax: 27 87 kph / 47 kt / 54 mph
Seats: 2
Airfoil: NACA 63/2A-615, root; 63/2A-612, tip
Structure: all metal, except for fabric control surfaces, GFRP wingtips


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