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Let L-21 Spartak

The Spartak free-class glider was designed in 1957 by Karel Dlouhý, the creator of "Blaník". It was a more modern glider than its contemporary "Diamond". The Spartak first flew in 1957.
Vladislav Zejda in 1961 achieved a national record in free flight at a distance of 644 km (From Žamberk to Brad in Romania). This performance was surpassed only in 2003 by Marek Pechance and Tomáš Suchánek with the Nimbus 4.
Most of the pilots at Spartak complained about the tight cabin and poor view through the wavy and distorting plexiglass of its cover.
The only surviving Spartacus can be seen in the aviation museum in Kbely.
Wingspan: 59.055 ft / 18.0 m
Wing area: 172.224 sq.ft / 15.95 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 20.3
Wing Profile: NACA 653-618 (root), 631-612 (end)
Length: 26.575 ft / 8.1 m
Weight empty: 295 kg
Max take-off weight: 480 kg
Wing load: 30,02 kg/sq.m
Glide ratio: 38.0 at 81km / h
Min sink: 0.59 m/s at 76 km / h
Crew: 1





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