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Kokusai Ku-8

Near the end of 1941 one Ki-59 was modified into a glider with the removal of the engines and the landing gear replaced by under-fuselage skids. It was designated the Ku-8-I or Army Experimental Glider. This was further developed as the Ku-8-II or Army Type 4 Large Transport Glider which became the only operationally-used Japanese assault glider. It was named 'Goose’ by the Allies but subsequently changed to ‘Gander'.
Carrying a crew of two and 15-20 armed troops, the Ku-8 jettisoned its main undercarriage after take-off, landing on fixed under-fuselage skids. The tail wheel was also fixed. Small vehicles or artillery pieces, when carried, were loaded from the front, the whole nose section hinging to starboard. Troop entry was via the outward opening door in the fuselage side.
Ku-8-I (Army Experimental Glider) 
Experimental conversion to glider configuration.
Ku-8-II (Army Type 4 Large Transport Glider) ("Gander") 
Assault-glider variant.
Span: 75 ft 0 in
Crew: 2
Payload: 15-20 troops

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