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Verzilov Staliniets 5
Encouraged by the excellent results obtained by his gliders in the competitions of 1934 and 1937, for the XII National Competitions, Verzilov presented a last model called “Staliniets-5” (Russian: Верзилов “Сталинец-5”), designed as a record-breaking single-seater for long-range flights and also built in the facilities. from the Yeisk Naval Pilot School.
The "Staliniets-5" was designed as a single-seater monoplane with a cantilever wing of medium implantation, characterized by its gull-like shape. The shape in the plane was trapezoidal with a marked decrease in the chord and an R-III profile. The trailing edge featured long louvered ailerons covering the entire span to the point of angle change.
The glider was characterized by the presence of a closed celluloid-coated cockpit, equipped with instrumentation to be able to carry out night and blind flights and with radio equipment to maintain contact with the ground.
The landing gear consisted of a wooden ski with an extension located at the bottom of the keel.
Like the previous models, the "Staliniets-5" stood out for its good construction finish.
The atmospheric conditions during the 1937 XII National Sailing Competitions (of the 18 days only 4 allowed to fly) did not offer the possibility of obtaining appreciable results.
From 1937 the development of gliders in Yeisk died. For various reasons its developers were assigned to other units. Yeremeyev left Yeisk in 1936, Sujomlin and Lisitsyn in the summer of 1937. Verzilov would also drop out of school shortly thereafter.
Wingspan: 18.00 m
Wing area: 14.60 m²
Aspect ratio: 22.2
Length: 6.84 m
Height: 1.62 m
Empty weight: 280 kg
Wing loading: 24.7 kg / m²
Glide ratio: 24
Minimum descent speed: 0.73 m / s
Surface of the horizontal planes: 1.00 m²
Vertical plane surface: 1.3 m²
Ailerons surface: 2.00 m²
Accommodation: 1
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