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Verzilov Staliniets 4
For the XI National Flying Competition held in Koktebel, Vladimir Verzilov developed two new gliders: the two-seater trailed “Staliniets-2bis”, built as a development of the “Staliniets-2” and the single-seater “Staliniets-4” (Russian: Верзилов “Сталинец-4”). Both were valued by the technical commission, receiving approval for the flights without objections.
The “Staliniets-4” glider was designed as a single-seater training and competition monoplane.
Structurally, it was a high-wing glider with variable chord cantilever wings and a trapezoidal shape in the plane. The wing, with a single spar, was constructed of wood with plywood covering and featured a P3-2 profile. The trailing edge featured long louvered ailerons covering 2/3 of the wingspan.
The tail was of the conventional type, with the horizontal planes located near the base of the empennage.
The landing gear consisted of a non-depreciated wooden ski with an extension located at the bottom of the keel.
The pilot was located in an open cockpit located in the bow. A notable feature was the use of a radio in the glider, which allowed communication with the ground.
Built at the VVS RKKA Naval Pilot School, this glider successfully participated in the XI National Competitions Gliding in Koktebel between 6 September and 6 October 1935. In the opinion of the pilot Iván M. Sujomlin, the glider was very obedient to the controls and stable in flight. The only defect noted was its one-piece wing construction, which caused problems during transport and maintenance actions.
With the pilot IM Sujomlin at the controls, this glider managed, between October 2 and 3, to stay in the air for 38 hours and 10 minutes, which meant a new record. The Stalinits-4 received a special award in the competition's training glider category.
These were the last gliding competitions in which the duration of the flight was competed. In the new competitions, they moved the mountainous Crimea, to new sites such as Rostov and the Moscow airfields.
In 1937 the "Staliniets-4" glider was produced by various organizations in the country. Many competitors built developments of this model for participation in competitions. The XII national competitions, which took place between 10 and 28 of July 1937 at the airfield of the sports society "Spartak" near the village Tioply Stan (now a suburb of Moscow) participated with three copies under the name " Staliniets-4bis ".
Wingspan: 14.00 m
Wing area: 11.30 m²
Aspect ratio: 17.3  
Length: 6.15 m
Height: 1.30 m
Empty weight: 173 kg
Wing loading: 22.4 kg / m²
Glide ratio: 19.8
Surface of the horizontal planes: 1.57 m²
Rudder surface: 0.80 m²
Aileron surface: 1.35 m²
Accommodation: 1
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