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Vaxmistrov AVF-8
During his student years at the Air Fleet Academy, Valdimir Vaxmistrov was swept away by the enthusiasm for glider manufacturing that existed at the institution.
In 1924 Vaxmistrov designed a single-seater training glider. Designated " Kondor " by its constructor, it received the consecutive 8 in the control of the academy. It was built on the transport base of the Sovnarkom in Moscow.
The Vaxmistrov AVF-8 “Kondor” (Russian: Вахмистров АВФ-8 «Кондор») was designed as a strut-braced monoplane with a triangular tail unit and a large-area rectangular rudder. The structure was made of wood with a fabric covering.
This single-seat glider first flew on September 22, 1924.It was damaged during the II National Sailing Competitions.
AVF-8 "Kondor"
Wingspan: 13.8 m
Wing area: 22.6 m²
Aspect ratio: 8.4
Length: 4.6 m
Height: 2.6 m
Empty weight: 70 kg.
Wing loading: 6.2 kg / m²
Elevator area: 3 m²
Rudder surface area: 1.2 m²
Accommodation: 1

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