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Nyuxtikov N-4
The N-4 (Russian: Нюхтиков Н-4) glider was conceived as a low-wing glider in a tailless configuration and featured a wing with a 30º sweep and a wingspan of close to 15 meters. Longitudinal and transverse control of the glider was obtained through elevons located on the wing leading edge and the directional one through surfaces located in the lower part of the wing, mediated by the wingspan.
Nyuxtikov put special emphasis on improving the view from the cockpit. The landing gear included a tail wheel located at the base of the empennage.
The N-4 was never finished, even though its construction began in 1932 in the Kacha circle of interest. The main reason for his abandonment was the change of direction in the flight school that decided to prioritize the physical preparation of the pilots over their technical or design capacity. Unfortunately Nyuxtikov did not finish this interesting project in which they included several new details.
In the construction of the N-4 the stringers of a destroyed Polikarpov R-1 were used, as well as various elements of its flight control system. Due to certain doubts about the maneuverability and resistance of the device in the absence of its creator (since July 1933 Mikhail Nyuxtikov had started working as a test pilot on the NII VVS) the glider was never tested.
A scale copy built by technician Bugovsky at Kacha flew without difficulty.
Nyuxtikov had considered the possibility of equipping this glider with a 400 hp Liberty engine obtained from the R-1 itself, turning it into a tailless plane.
Wingspan: 15. m
Accommodation: 1

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