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Nyuxtikov N-3 Motiliok
Between 1932 and 1933 under the leadership of Nyuxtikov, the members of the Sevastopol circle of interest would develop a new model of glider that received the name "Motiliok".
The “Motiliok” was designed as a high wing glider braced by struts and with a high tail bar. The wing, with a single spar, was rectangular in plane, with slightly curved ends and a G-652 type profile. The lar bracing was carried out using cables.
The fuselage was conceived in the shape of a gondola covered with fabric, which ended with a wooden bar located high, just at the exit of the wing trailing edge. At the rear end of this bar was the conventional tail with triangular stabilizers to which the elevator rudders were attached and an empennage with offset rudder.
The landing gear consisted of a wooden ski with no depreciation.
Built at the Kacha Flight School, the “Motiliok” glider was entered in the IX Koktebel National Sailing Competitions, held in 1933.
The evaluation commission considered that the glider had been calculated for very small loads, therefore the structural resistance of the wing and the tail planes was insufficient. For this reason the "Motiliok" was not approved to perform the flights in the competition.
Nyuxtikov N-3 Motiliok
Wingspan: 10.70 m
Wing area: 13.20 m²
Aspect ratio: 8
Length: 6.05 m
Height: 1.35 m
Empty weight: 95 kg
Wing loading: 13.2kg / m²
Stabilizers surface: 0.83 m²
Elevator area: 0.94 m²
Rudder surface of the empennage: 0.30 m²
Rudder surface area: 1.26 m²
Aileron surface: 1.70 m²
Accommodation: 1

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