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Nyuxtikov N-2 Sebastopoliets
In 1930 the brothers Mikhail and Konstantin Nyuxtikov developed the “Sevastopoliev” glider. The idea came after they tried to fly without success the single-seater “Koktebel” glider from SP Koroliov and SN Lyushin. The glider was very heavy so the brothers decided to develop a lighter model.
The circle of aeronautical interest of Sebastopol had tried to produce the two-seater glider Kudeyar of AN Sharapov, but desisted as too large. This group of boys aged 15 - 16 years worked on the new model that was ready in a month, using for its development parts and pieces obtained in the naval aviation repair shop. The wing profile selected for the "Sebastopoliets" was E-385.
Built at the Kacha Flight School and first flown in the fall of 1930, the first flights were made by the main builders Mikhail and Konstantin Nyuxtikov and then all the other guys flew.
The “Sevastopoliev” glider participated in the VII National Flying Competition held in Koktebel in 1930. Despite its poor characteristics, this glider underwent intense preparation during the competition. The instructors were Vladimir Verzilov, Konstantin Nyuxtikov and Vladimir Oblachko.
The circle of interest in aviation led to the formation of a flight school which was soon equipped with gliders "Standart" of Oleg Antonov and IT-4 of IP Tolstix , both flown successfully in competition Koktebel.
N-2 Sebastopoliets
Wingspan: 8.80 m
Wing area: 11.40 m²
Aspect ratio: 6.8
Length: 6.00 m
Height: 1.40 m
Empty weight: 65 kg
Wing loading: 12.7 kg / m²
Stabilizers surface: 1.98 m²
Elevator area: 0.78 m²
Accommodation: 1

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