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Nyuxtikov N-1 Kachiniets
The Nyuxtikov N-1 Kachiniets (Russian: Нюхтиков Н-1 Качинец) was the irst glider developed by Mikhail Nyuxtikov at the Kacha flight school in 1929.
Its construction began in 1929. Its wings were obtained from the Pegas glider, which was destroyed two years earlier. The landing ski, the empennage, and the elevator and steering rudders were designed by Nyuxtikov. The tail cone and another set of pieces were taken from a un-used Fokker, the seat and the control lever of a Morane O.
The glider was built under the direction of Nyuxtikov with extensive participation from PM Stefanovski, instructor pilot M Moiseyev, technician Butovsky and G Gribakin.
The glider received the name "Kachiniets" and was used as a trainer at the Kacha Military Pilot School, characterized by being a difficult glider, capricious and little tolerant of pilots' mistakes.

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