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Oškinis T-1 / Technikas-1 / BrO-1
After completing aviation courses, Bronius Oškinis led the construction of gliders in ATM workshops. Reconstructed the German training glider RRG-23 "Zoegling" and thus in August 1932 developed the Lithuanian T-1 ("Technikas-1") glider. In Pažaislis.
The Technikas-1 was an improved RRG-23 Zögling (based on German drawings). One was built. The first flight was performed by B. Oškinis himself. This glider was tested by military pilot Gregorius Radvenis. The T-1 was used to test/train Lithuanian military pilots at Kaunas
During 1935-36 four 'production' version of the T-1 were built, re-named BrO-1.

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