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In 1947 under the direction of Professor IG Nieman in the chair of aeronautical construction at the Kharkov Aviation Institute, a real aeronautical projection circle of interest was organized for the development of an experimental glider with a tailless flying wing structure, which was named JAI-11 (Russian: ХАИ-11).
This glider was designed with the objective of studying the stability of the mechanized wing with the use of automatic control flaps and its development was in charge of the student IM Sujanov under the tutorship of professor SI Kuzmin.
The JAI-11 was designed entirely in wood with a flying wing structure without a tail. The small centroplane served as the base for the enclosed cockpit for the pilot and its trailing edge featured an automatically operated movable surface to function as a flap.
The wings, trapezoidal in shape, stood out for the large 30º sweepback on their leading edge.
The project was not built

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