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  JAI Sparless
The tailless experimental glider known as “Biezlonzherokka JAI” or “Stringerless Glider” (Russian: ХАИ Безлонжеронка) was designed and built under the direction of Professor Serguei Ivanovich Kuzmin at the Kharkov Aviation Institute (JAI) in 1934. Its development was with the collaboration of engineers AA Lazariev and Ye. S. Balinski.
The Stringerless Glider was designed in a tailless flying wing composition with fluted wings with empennage at the ends. The entire construction was made of wood.
The wing stood out for the marked aspect of 13. The center plane was characterized by a structure of four spars on which the cabin was located.
The removable consoles featured a remarkable dihedral and specific wing profile. As a distinctive detail of the project, it is worth highlighting the total absence of a stringer in the construction of these consoles, which was reflected in the name of the glider. These sections were built using a honeycomb structure with an outer covering around stringers. The lightened wing veins served as the basis for the thin covering layer. The wing consoles were fixed by means of duralumin pieces to the steel supports fixed to the spars of the center plane. This construction method would be the basis for the further development of modern three-layer structures.
The extreme empennages consisted of a fixed keel and rudders. The control of the apparatus was achieved by means of double-section mobile elements covering a large part of the span (60%). The outer section of the ailerons was capable of turning upward at a greater angle than the inner, thereby achieving increased control at large angles of attack.
The glider control system in the center plane was rigid and in the wing by ropes. When installing the consoles to the center plane, the control of the surfaces of these sections was automatically connected.
The glider featured an open cockpit for the pilot, located above the small centerplane, which ended with a tall fairing headrest.
The JHA project without stringers was completed in March 1933. Its construction was started at the Kharkov Aviation Factory with the direct participation of KA Kalinin. Later the works were transferred to the JAI workshops with the participation of KA Kalinin, IG Nieman and S. Ya. Zholkovski. In June the glider was successfully tested in the institute's laboratories.
The JHA without spars first flew the 14 September of 1934. The tests, developed by the pilot VD Kozulya, showed excellent stability. The sparless JHA was able to hold the course with the stick free and could execute various manoeuvres.
Wingspan: 13 m
Length: 3.2 m
Height: 1.5 m
Empty weight: 160 kg

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