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 Gribovski G-18
In parallel with the G-17 single - seater glider, Gribovski would develop a tandem two-seater version designed as a development of the G-14. This model was projected in the Moscow Construction Bureau (MKB) of OSOVIAJIM in 1935, receiving the name G-18 (Russian: Грибовский Г-18).
The Gribovski G-18 repeats the structure of the G-14, appearing as a low-wing monoplane braced to the sides of the fuselage by struts. The large wing had a straight leading edge and an inverted trailing edge and was designed with an R-II wing profile. In order to improve aerodynamics, the joint with the fuselage was modified. The trailing edge of the wing featured large louvered ailerons measuring 2 square meters in area.
The landing gear maintained the composition of the previous G-14 with two simple wheels in pants and fixed to the wing soffit. The wide span between the two wheels allowed the necessary stability during aero-tow training.
The wide fuselage, covered with plywood, could be used to transport loads and luggage in the towed mode, so the structure was reinforced.
The cockpits, located in tandem, had a dual control system and were covered by transparent windows.
The G-18 glider was built in OSOVIAJIM's own MKB workshops. By 1935 Gribovski managed to organize a small productive workshop in a neighbouring basement to the one occupied by the MKB. The entire staff of this workshop consisted of eight men. They practically did not have machine tools, so most of the metal parts had to be hired from other workshops. Another major problem arose when removing the finished parts from the basement. It was necessary to increase the size of a window.
Despite these conditions during 1935 this workshop would build the G-18, G-19 gliders and the G-20 light sport aircraft.
The G-18 glider was sent to participate in the XI National Gliding Competitions, being destroyed during its first flight in September 1935. The pilot IL Kartashiev managed to get out of the accident alive.
Wingspan: 15.60 m
Wing area: 19.00 m²
Length: 7.1 m
Height: 1.50 m
Ailerons surface: 2.00 m²
Empty weight: 210 kg
Wing loading: 19.5 kg / m²
Glide ratio: 19
Accommodation: 2

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