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 Gribovski G-17
With a view to participating in the XI National Sailing Competitions, Gribovski decided to build a single-seater glider capable of flying long distances taking advantage of thermal currents.
The Gribovski G-17 (Russian: Грибовский Г-17) was designed as a single-seat cantilever mid-wing glider, specially prepared for aero-tow.
The double spar wing, presented in its front part of the wing was covered with 1 mm plywood sheets, up to the position of the second spar. The rest of the wing and ailerons were covered with fabric. The wing design used the TsAGI R-II profile proposed by the engineer PP Krasilschikov. The slotted ailerons occupied 46% of the wingspan.
The tail unit featured cantilever planes and monoplane configuration. The leading edge of the empennage and horizontal planes also featured plywood overlay. The rudders were covered in fabric.
The fuselage featured a monocoque structure with plywood coating. At its bottom there was a landing gear in the form of a ski with amortization.
The pilot was located in an open cockpit located in front of the wing leading edge, protected by a windshield. At the rear of the cockpit, the fuselage deepened to form a headrest.
The G-17 glider was projected at the Moscow Construction Bureau (MKB) of the Union of Defense and Aviation Assistance Societies-Chemical Construction of the USSR, but at that time it still lacked productive capacity, so the construction of the only example built was made at the Frunze factory (ZIF) in 1934 - 1935. This was the reason for the three interlocking ZIF letters that were painted on the rudder. Completed in 1935 it was ready in time to participate in the XI National Sailing Competitions, in the fall of that year, where it would compete with the number 11 in its empennage.
Wingspan: 15.60 m
Wing area: 13.60 m²
Length: 6.15 m
Height: 1.30 m
Surface of the horizontal planes: 1.60 m²
Empennage surface: 0.85 m²
Aileron surface: 1.50 m²
Empty weight: 126 kg
Wing loading: 15.2 kg / m²
Glide ratio: 23
Accommodation: 1

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