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Gribovski G-16
N. Baruzdin “docks” on Yalta beach
After the failure of the G-12 in its water operations, Gribovski opted to develop a lighter and smaller version that received the name G-16 (Russian: Грибовский Г-16).
The G-16 glider was designed as a hydrofoil with a single deck hull and high cantilever wing, which had stabilization floats fixed to a support on its intrados and braced by means of uprights on its outer side. The wing structure comprised two box-like spars, joined together by light ribs. The wing was covered with 1 - 1.5 mm thick plywood, creating a flexible but strong structure. On the extrados, the wing had a fabric covering. The wing design used the TsAGI R-II profile proposed by the engineer PP Krasilschikov.
The hull had straight sides with a curved top and a 19-frame structure, a tail spar and five stringers. The entire hull was covered with 1.5 - 3 mm thick plywood nailed to the structure with galvanized laces and covered with glued and enameled canvas. Oil paint was used internally.
For operations on water, it had an ash skid at the bottom of the hull designed for landing on land.
The tail area made transition towards the empennage and the thin stabilizer braced in its lower part by two short uprights.
The pilot was located in an open cockpit forward, in front of the wing leading edge.
Built at the OSOVIAJIM Glider Factory, the G-16 participated in the X National Sailing Competitions held in Koktebel. On 25 September 1934 this glider, piloted by Gribovski, performed for the first time in the USSR, a takeoff from the water in a glider towed by an amphibious Shavrov SH-2 piloted by LG Minov.
A little later pilot N. Baruzdin made a takeoff from the sea towed by a Shavrov Sh-21Sh-2. This flight would cover the Koktebel - Gurzuf in Yalta.
Wingspan: 14.20 m
Wing area: 14.90 m²
Length: 5.57 m
Height: 1.42 m
Surface of the horizontal planes: 1.70 m²
Empennage surface: 1.2 m²
Ailerons surface: 1.36 m²
Empty weight: 139 kg
Wing loading: 14.7 kg / m²
Glide ratio: 20.1
Optimal flight speed: 56 km / h
Minimum descent speed: 0.72 m / s
Accommodation: 1

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