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Cheranovski BICh-16
As early as 1920 B. I. Cheranovski had registered a patent for an aircraft with flap wings and had attempted to build it in 1921. The development of the BICh-16 (Russian: Черановский БИЧ-16) was a continuation of this original idea.
An ornithopter (also known in Russia as Majoliot) is a heavier-than-air flying machine that is set into motion in the air from the force generated by flapping its wings.
The BICh-16 was built using wood and fabric. In this case, the wings had a marked curvature and were connected to a system that made them move up and down from the muscular strength of the pilot's legs. Ailerons were located on the wing trailing edge, which were also used as elevator rudders.
The crew member was located in a closed cabin located in the aerodynamic fuselage. The landing gear consisted of a ski braced by studs.
Construction of a prototype was completed in 1934. The BICh-16 was initially flown as a towed glider, but the stability proved poor, ending the flight program. Human-powered flights are not known to have been performed on this aircraft.
Wingspan: 8 m
Wing area: 8 m²
Empty weight: 34 kg
Accommodation: 1

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