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Gribovski G-11
From the end of 1931 and in parallel with the development of the G-9 glider, Gribovski began the development of a new model designed to carry six people. In many characteristics the new G-11 (Russian: Грибовский Г-11) repeated the double fuselage scheme of the unsuccessful G-3. The main difference between these two models was in the spacious cabins with capacity for three crew members, located in each of the fuselage structures and with side access doors.
Designed in 1931 – 1932, construction began at the OSOVIAJIM factory in 1932. The prototype was 80% complete by mid- 1933, when OSOVIAJIM decided to cancel it. Gribovski at this time was transferred to the post of substitute for the head of the Osoaviajim Construction Bureau (MKB), created in 1932 as an adjunct to the Glider Factory.

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