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Gribovski G-1
After his participation in the First National Gliding Competitions, held in Crimea, Gribovski entertained the idea of ​​building a glider of his own design.
The Gribovski G-1 (Russian: Грибовский Г-1) was the first glider built by Vladislav Konstantinovich Gribovski. This glider was constructed entirely of wood and featured plywood and fabric overlay. Structurally, it was a high-wing cantilever-type monoplane with wing profile PR-426. The glider was noted for its constructive cleanliness.
The fuselage had a rectangular section with a forward cockpit for the pilot. The weight of the wing with the ailerons was 34 kg, while the fuselage and empennage weighed only 30 kg. A speed measurement instrument designed and built by Gribovski himself was installed on the G-1.
The tailplanes and empennage were highlighted by the large rudder area. A distinctive feature of this glider was the presence of a landing gear with wooden wheels, located on the sides of the fuselage, under the wing.
In the spare time that he was leaving the service and with the help of a group of colleagues who served in the same unit in Kiev, in the winter of 1924 - 1925 the glider was built.
In the fall of 1925 the Gribovski G-1 glider was included in the list of competitors of the III National Sailing Competitions in Koktebel. The evaluation committee made a positive assessment of the model.
The constructor carried out a series of short flights that demonstrated the rationality of the construction and quite acceptable flight characteristics.
On the 22 of September of 1925, dragging to the point of start, The G-1 was hit by a gust of wind land that launched it to one side, damaging it considerably. The wing was preserved, it suffered little and was later used by Professor VP Vietchinkin for static tests, which demonstrated the validity of its constructor's calculations in relation to structural resistance.
Wingspan: 11.2 m
Wing area: 15.00 m²
Length: 5.3 m
Empty weight: 71 kg
Wing loading: 10.2 kg / m²
Elevator surface: 2.5 m²
Surface of the fixed part of the empennage: 0.34 m²
Rudder surface area: 1.2 m²
Spoiler area: 2.7 m²
Glide ratio: 5.2
Accommodation: 1

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