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Domrachiev Leningrad
The Domrachiev “Leningrad” (Russian: Домрачев «Ленинград») glider was designed by Yuri Vladimirovich Domrachiev as a single-seater glider and built in the OSOVIAJIM glider workshops in Leningrad. Construction was completed in time to participate in the IX National Sailing Competitions held between August 12 and September 20, 1933 in Koktebel.
Structurally, the "Leningrad" was designed as a high-wing braced monoplane. The wings, built with No.60R aerodynamic profile, featured large wingspan with a constant chord central zone and notable taper towards the ends of the consoles. Steel tapes used as turnbuckles that were attached to the landing ski departed from the wing intrados. In the upper part of the centroplane, just above the longitudinal axis of the glider, there was a raised structure to which the extrados bracing straps were attached. The wing trailing edge featured double-section louvered ailerons.
The tail unit was attached to a high bar. On both sides of this bar the horizontal planes, of an integral type, were fixed. The empennage was oval in shape and inserted symmetrically into the bar, half above and half below.
The pilot was located in a low gondola in the bow region, in an open-type cockpit. Under this gondola the landing ski was located.
First flying in August 1933, the “Leningrad” participated in the IX National Sailing Competitions, held in Crimea. During the IX edition of the glider competitions and during a landing, the “Leningrad” made a ground connection supporting two points: the landing ski and the wing tip. This caused the tail bar to break and the glider was unable to continue in the competition.
Wingspan: 21.80 m
Wing area: 21.10 m²
Aspect ratio: 22.5
Length: 9.10 m
Height: 2.15 m
Empty weight: 185 kg
Wing loading: 13.0 kg / m²
Glide ratio: 25
Elevator area: 1.87 m²
Empennage surface: 0.75 m²
Rudder surface area: 0.75 m²
Ailerons area: 2.10 m²
Accommodation: 1

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