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Cheranovski BICh-6
The BICh-6 "Drakón" (Russian: Черановский БИЧ-6 “Дракон”) was a single-seater glider designed by BI Cheranovski and built in 1927 in Moscow.
The BICh-6 was conceived as a cantilever high-wing monoplane built entirely of wood. The wing had a three-spar structure and a curved leading edge with the trailing edge completely straight. The coating of the leading edge and the ailerons was made with sheets of plywood.
The tail planes and empennage also had parabolic leading edges. The fuselage had a wooden structure covered with plywood. In its lower part was the landing gear in the form of a ski.
The pilot was located in an open cockpit forward, just in front of the wing leading edge.
The manufacture was carried out with great pressure because the glider was intended to participate in the competitions that year in Crimea, so the quality of the finish was poor.
The glider was presented at the IV National Sailing Competitions in Koktebel, being piloted by Sergei Korzinschikov. In 1928 it would also be flown by Sergei Koroliov. Despite its poor build quality, the flight tests carried out with this glider showed satisfactory performance.
Wingspan: 16.00 m
Wing area: 14 m²
Length: 6.00 m
Height: 1.65 m
Empty weight: 131kg
Wing loading: 14.7 kg / m²
Elevator area: 2 m²
Empennage surface: 0.3 m²
Rudder surface area: 0.55 m²
Ailerons surface: 2 m²
Accommodation: 1




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