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Cheranovski BICh-23 / Che-23
In parallel with the development of the BICh-22 or Che-22 glider, the OKB MAI began the development of a new model of two-seater glider in a flying wing configuration, which was known as BICh-23, or Che-23 (In Russian Черановский БИЧ-23 or Че-23). In contrast to the Che-22, the new Che-23 was characterized by its somewhat smaller dimensions and an increased sagging of the wing.
The Che-23 glider was conceived as a prototype for a large supersonic fighter development.
The Che-23 was built in the MAI workshops and successfully flown in 1948 by test pilot I. A. Petrov.
Che-23 (BICh-23)
Wingspan: 6.7 m
Wing area: 15 m²
Length: 5.96 m
Glide ratio: 12.3
Accommodation: 2

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