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Cheranovski BICh-13
The Cheranovski models BICh -4 and BICh-13 kept the parabolic wing scheme of the BICh-2, but in both the rudder was eliminated, which had proved very ineffective during flight tests. The main difference of the new BICh-13 model (Russian: Черановский БИЧ-13) was that, unlike the BICh-4 where roll control was achieved through the use of ailerons, now this control was achieved through the differential operation of the rudders located on the outer wings.
The BICh-13 glider was conceived as a single-seater flying wing built entirely of wood, with a textile covering. The thick wing featured a parabolic in-plane shape and a thin trailing edge with control surfaces along the entire span, on which the elevons were located.
As in the BICh-4 the rudder disappeared, but in this model small control surfaces with parabolic leading edge were introduced, located at the wing tips. These surfaces operated as ailerons and as aerodynamic brakes and their operation was linked to the cockpit pedals.
The wing construction kept the same characteristics as the previous models, with a structure of 10 x 8 mm pine slats crossed and joined by glue and nails. To facilitate movement, the wing structure was divided into three sections. Final assembly and fabric coating were done at the flight site.
The pilot was located in an open cockpit in the front.
The landing gear featured a single wheel located in a fairing in the lower center of the wing. Small curved skids were located at the wing ends and a conventional tail skid at the lower rear.
Firt flying in 1932, as a result of the tests, developed during the IX National Sailing Competitions by pilots N. Baruzdin and Zh. Puantis, the BICh-13 glider received a positive rating. During the flight, turns were executed at different heights and it was not possible to find any effect that would differentiate the "Parabola" from the more conventional gliders.
Wingspan: 14.30 m
Wing area: 20.00 m²
Length: 3.15 m
Height: 1.20 m
Empty weight: 96 kg
Accommodation: 1

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