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Cheranovski BICh-1 / AVF-12 / Parabola
The first flying wing project with wingspan of 1.5 was presented by BI Cheranovski to the TsAGI in 1921, being categorically rejected. Many professionals of this institution objected against the informality of the concept. Despite this, the tests in the wind tunnel of some scale models demonstrated the feasibility of the flying wing.
After the results obtained, Cheranovski decided to begin, with the help of his brother and other members of the “Paryashi Popiot” group, the construction of an experimental glider with this design. The works were carried out in the workshops of the Air Fleet Academy, where the glider received the consecutive AVF-12, although its designer named it BICh-1 (after its initials) and it was popularly known as “Parabola” (Russian: Черановский БИЧ-1 "Парабола").
The BICh-1 glider was made entirely of wood, with a textile covering. This model featured a thick cantilever wing with a parabola-shaped leading edge and a thin trailing edge with ailerons and elevons across the entire span of the trailing edge. These moving surfaces performed both the functions of ailerons and elevator.
The pilot was located in a cockpit in the frontal region of the model, practically hidden within the thick 0.45 meter wing profile. Access was from below, through an opening in the wing intrados. The landing gear featured two large spoke wheels linked by a common axle.
Only one was built, which participated without great success in the First National Sailing Competitions held in Koktebel that same year. In some literature it has claims that during the competitions it would make a single flight before being destroyed and that the pilot VF Denisov managed to escape unharmed. Other sources suggest that the glider simply failed to take off, due to a poorly designed angle of attack. In any case, the BICh-1 was not a successful model, but it would create the basis for the development of later models that would present excellent flight characteristics.
Cheranovski BICh-1
Wingspan: 5.70 m
Wing area: 12:00 m²
Wing aspect ratio: 7.4
Length: 2.85 m
Height: 1.20 m
Empty weight: 30 kg
Wing loading: 8.5 kg / m²
Accommodation: 1

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