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Cheranovski BICh KIM-2
The Cheranovski BICh “KIM-2” (Russian: Черановский АВФ-12 “КИМ”) experimental glider was designed by Boris Ivanovich Cheranovski as a single-seater training glider. The cantilever wing had a parabolic shape in the plane, but unlike the AVF-12, installed high on the wide fuselage. The trailing edge maintained control surfaces throughout the span.
This glider featured large tail stabilizers with pronounced sagging and large area elevators.
The fuselage had a fusiform shape and smoothly ended at the rudder, without a differentiated empennage. The underside was reinforced to allow the glider to land on its belly.
The pilot was located in an open cockpit in the bow of the glider.
Built in 1924 by a group of enthusiasts from the Communist Youth Institute (KIM) located in the Jamovnich region, near Moscow, under the direction of Cheranovski. In general, it was a development of the AVF-12 "KIM".
The BICh “KIM-2” glider was entered in the III National Sailing Competitions held in Koktebel. On 30 September 1925 it crashed on landing, losing the tail. The pilot was unhurt.
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