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Cheranovski AVF-12 Kim
The Cheranovski AVF-12 “KIM” (Russian: Черановский АВФ-12 “КИМ”) experimental glider was designed as a single-seat training glider under the direction of Cheranovski. The cantilever wing had a parabolic shape in the plane and medium implantation. The trailing edge featured control surfaces throughout the span.
This glider featured large tail stabilizers with marked sagging and large area elevator rudders.
The fuselage had a fusiform shape and smoothly ended at the rudder, without a differentiated empennage. The underside was reinforced to allow the glider to land on its belly.
The pilot was located in an open cockpit in the bow of the glider.
The AVF-12 was built by a group of enthusiasts belonging to the circle of interest of the Central Club of the Communist Youth Institute (KIM) located in the Jamovnich region, in Moscow, under the direction of BI Cheranovski. The construction was developed in the workshops of the Air Fleet Academy (AVF) in 1924.
The AVF-12 was entered in the II National Sailing Competitions held in Koktebel. After a successful 11-second flight the glider lowered its wing and fell to the ground in an inverted position. The pilot was not injured. The glider was destroyed.
Wingspan: 12.00 m
Wing area: 19.5 m²
Length: 5.8 m
Height: 1.10 m
Stabilizers surface: 1.4 m²
Elevator area: 0.8 m²
Rudder surface area: 0.7 m²
Spoiler area: 4.5 m²
Empty weight: 72 kg
Wing loading: 7.4 kg / m²

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