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JAI JAI-35 Entusiast
In 1972 at the request of a group of students of the KAK JAI institute and under the direction of the head of the aeronautical construction laboratory A. Barannikov, within the structure of the OSKB JAI the Aviation Construction Club (KAK) designed the JAI-35 “Entusiast” (Russian: ХАИ-35М «Энтузиаст») motor glider.
The JAI-35 “Entusiast” training motor glider was created on the diploma work of student N. Labrov, an active member of KAK since its foundation. In the construction of JAI-35 and under the direction of A. Barannikov, V. Silyukov, S. Alexandrov, A. Jomich, A. Mosalienko and S. Kovaliov stood out.
The JAI-35 was conceived as a wooden construction motor glider with some use of composite materials. As a power plant, a “Vijr-30” outboard boat motor was selected, modified to work with air cooling. This engine developed about 28 hp at takeoff.
The first flight in a non-powered configuration was performed by N. Lavrov in 1980. With the power plant the first flight would take place in August 1981. At the controls was the head of the KAK A. Barannikov.
Under the direction of Natalia Labrova, students from the “A. Barannikov” of the JAI worked on a modified and improved version of the JAI-35 that was named JAI-35M. This version was powered by a 36 hp engine, showing better overall performance.
This JAI-35M participated in the SLA-87 Light Aviation Competition.
Between 1991 and 1992 studies were conducted to investigate the use of ultralight aerial photography tasks. JAI-29S and JAI-35M2 participated in these experiments. The results demonstrated the feasibility of using AFA cameras in this type of apparatus.
At least three JAI-35 were built.
Engine: 36 hp
Empty weight: 170 kg
MTOW: 260 kg
Velocity at sea level: 2 m / s
Minimum descent speed: 1.5 m / s
Ascent speed: 2.4 m / s
Accommodation: 1
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