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Oškinis BrO-12
According to Bronius Oškinis, this glider is designed to be launched with a puller and to be able to reach the thermal. The glider had to be inexpensive, suitable for mass production, so that every gliding club could buy it. Oškinis applied an unprecedented innovation to gliders - hanging flaps and ailerons, which greatly increase the lifting capacity of the wings.
At that time, the Soviet Union's air construction bureaus focused on the construction of military aircraft, while Lithuanian designers designed gliders because they did not have the opportunity to construct aircraft during the Soviet occupation.

The wings were covered with 1.0-1.5 mm thick plywood, varnished and polished.
Static tests
In order for novice pilots to clearly see the fluctuations in the direction of flight, the glass of the BrO-12 cockpit covered the glider only from the front - the deviation from the straight flight was immediately felt by the pilot blowing in the wind through the open sides. The seat is suitable for flying with a parachute ПНЛ-45.
The BrO-12 prototype was built in 1957. In the workshops of Kaunas Gliding Station. Pulled by a winch, it rose to 400-500 m, and even higher in the event of stronger winds. No other glider was able to take off so much then. In Moscow it was decided to produce BrO-12 series.
The BrO-12 was produced at the Simferopol Aviation Workshop, where during 1959–1961 about 120 units were produced.
In 1959-61, a total of about 20 gliders of this type flew in Lithuania.

In 1959-61, a total of about 20 gliders of this type flew in Lithuania. After the Soviet Union decided to produce metal-gliders, the BrO-12 soon competed with the Czech two-seater Blanik.
BrO-12 at the Lithuanian Aviation Museum
Wingspan: 12 m
Wing area: 11.3 m²
Length: 5.9 m
Height: 1.50 m
Empty weight: 160 kg
Takeoff weight: 245 kg
Wing loading: 21.7 kg / m²
Landing speed: 45 km / h
Cruising speed: 60 km / h
Glide ratio: 20
Seats: 1
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