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Instituto de Pesiquas Technologicas / IPT IPT-1 Gafanhoto
In 1948, the Divison of Aeronautics of the IPT was created, originated from the Section of Aeronautics. The IPT designed a glider for primary instruction, the Gafanhoto, which was designated IPT-1 Gafanhoto (Grasshopper). A public-domain report was published by IPT containing the required information to build the glider.
To enable budding pilots to take their first steps, the Brazilian aero clubs needed a simple beginner glider. The IPT-1 Gafanhoto was the first aircraft designed by the newly established Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas in São Paulo. The plan was to construct a simple plane that could be built from interested clubs themselves and could launch pulled by a winch or by a vehicle.
The gafanhoto was made entirely from local woods. The aircraft was a braced, braced high-wing aircraft. The fuselage, under which a single skid with rubber buffers was attached, consisted of a wooden frame and was clad with plywood. As with the SG 38 school glider, the pilot sat completely outdoors. The wings and the tail unit were a wooden structure covered with fabric. In the course of the flight tests it turned out that the wings had to be lowered, which led to the central struts being shortened by 20 cm.
First flown in 1942, the only machine built flew for several years, there was no series production.
Wing span: 10.35 m
Wing area: 15.3 m²
Length: 5.40 m
Empty weight: 115 kg
Max. Takeoff weight: 205 kg
Minimum speed: 55 km / h
Top speed: 120 km / h
Seats: 1

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